Go Sparkle

We just celebrated the Fourth of July-full of watermelon, cookouts, fireworks and hope. I stood on my deck that evening and watched fireworks explode and send sparkles all over the sky-breathtaking. As I watched, the lyrics to a dance I teach at It’s Your Drama programs started sounding in my head… “I sparkle, I shine, I glitter, I’ll be fine…” 

But it’s hard to sparkle if you don’t feel like a jewel.

And, it’s hard to light up a night sky with a boom that explodes in sparkles if no one ever believes enough in you to light the fuse..isn’t it? A firework has a fuse hanging like a kite-tail, stuffed with explosive sparkle power. But what if no one ever lit the fuse? It would never burst into sparkles. The firework would never do what its designer meant for it to do. It would remain trapped in its own container…knowing it was made for more…waiting on someone, anyone to light the fuse.

Are you waiting? Waiting on that someone to come along and light the fuse you need to be inspired? To become great? To do what you were designed to do?

Stop waiting.

The reality is-sometimes you have to light your own fuse. And you can. It’s not easy, but you can do it. It will require a choice, an on-purpose decision, to press through the negative words you’ve heard and the negative looks you’ve received. A willful made-up mind to let your failures and regrets go…and choose to sparkle anyway. To be you. And, remember, you are filled with sparkle potential!

Inspiration is great, but you can’t wait for it. Hoping for a coach’s approving look to inspire you will often leave you sweating and disappointed. Waiting on a teacher, on a preacher, on a friend, on a spouse, for a song, for a scene, or for that magical moment of inspiration will delay your destiny.

Choose to accept that the sparkle is in you and it’s time to light your own fuse. What is “the sparkle?” It is the understanding that you are valued, you are full of worth and purpose, you were created for a reason. From that understanding, you can reach your fullest potential and do what you were designed to do…and then you can fill the night sky with breathtaking sparkles!

What were you designed to do? It is in already in you. Answer these questions: “What am I naturally good at? What do I enjoy? What can I do for hours but it feels like mere minutes? Those answers will begin to lead you to what you were created for. And ultimately, you were created to use your design to display the splendor of your Designer.

You are not an accident. The world needs you to explode in sparkles! You are the answer to someone’s problem.

It’s in you. Everything that you need to sparkle, is there.

The bestselling book in the world, the Bible, says it like this: “They will sparkle in the land like the precious jewels in a crown, how attractive and beautiful they will be.”

You’re not just any jewel. You are a prized, precious jewel, elite enough to be chosen for the crown of a King. So let those looks, those negative comments, and those discouraging feelings fall to the ground. You don’t have to wait for “those people” to light the fuse. Shoulders back. Chin up. Know the truth-the truth is that you are prized and you’ve got what it takes to win in this world.

Let’s do this thing. Light your own fuse. There is power in your voice. Use it! “I sparkle. I shine. I glitter. I’ll be fine.” Come on, it’s time for you to explode the skyline with sparkles!

If you need to carry a sparkle-hand fan around with you as a reminder, carry it! And fan with flare.


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