Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween Scene

If you find your pulse quickening as you think about the Costume you’ll be wearing this evening, you might want to ask yourself why. You design your Costume everyday—so why the quickened pulse?  Every morning you open your closet, pick out some clothes, get dressed and step onto stage…but no internal rush. But tonight you might… Continue Reading

When Should I Date?

I sat in on a random conversation today with some other moms and they were talking about their daughters dating. The question came up: When’s the best time to date? There were definitely different perspectives. My perspective? The timing does matter. My perspective? It also matters how parents spin this to their children. My perspective?… Continue Reading

Control The Prop

If an actor picked up a gun, the whole audience would inhale a little quicker than usual…all because the prop has power. Their minds would start spinning. “What’s he gonna do?” “Who’s he gonna use that on?” Questions frame their thoughts because they understand the prop has the ability to create a lot of drama… Continue Reading