I was on my way home today and decided to take the van through the carwash—yes, I drive a van, usually. (It seems to be the best mode of transportation for myself and four children. I’m thinking about painting it purple and putting the IYD logo on it…but my husband hasn’t approved—yet.) As the kids were screaming with glee in the backseats, watching the huge spinning magic washers fling soap and water from head to toe, I started laughing. Then I thought, “When have I last screamed with glee?”

I wonder when it happens?

That  transition. The one that changes the lenses we look through from lenses that capture the light-hearted glee moments of life to lenses that capture the heavy, tiring, repetitive DRAMA moments of life. I think the Drama is always there (even for children) but the lenses we look through determine what we capture…

…and what captures us.

So I put on some different lenses today, sitting in that carwash, and joined in the glee scream! It changed my focus…from needing to wash the dishes, cook the dinner, tweak the website and finish the homework…to the focus that there are some exciting things happening in my life. Like: my IT’S YOUR DRAMA website launches tomorrow! And like: IYD is going to be on the NEWS tomorrow! A dream is getting ready to come true and I could miss the glee moment…all because of my lenses.

So change the lenses you are looking through. Capture the glee moments and they will capture you with a bursting, fun scream! If you have to hit an automatic car wash to get your glee scream on, grab your keys now. And scream loud!




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