Make A Withdrawal

Tragedy: A million dollars in the bank—and you don’t have a clue your name’s on the account. The million sits and waits. And waits. As you scrimp and save for a car, for college, for your first house, for your kids’ Christmas gifts…the whole time feeling the brunt of the lack of cash flow.

And it waits and means nothing to you. Though it’s at your fingertips, you never touch it and you go on…scrimping, saving, and living below the standard you were meant to live—your whole life. Tragedy.

There is an account. Not filled with money, but it might as well be because it’s filled with something we all chase constantly: VALUE. Chasing after the need to know our lives are noticed. To know we matter. To know we have what it takes. To know we are breathtaking. To know we have purpose. To know we are accepted even when we aren’t an airbrushed perception of perfection.

You have access to an account that holds VALUE, but do you know it?

You can script life waiting for someone to tell you those things, or to have a moment when you finally “feel” those things, or finally have enough zeros on the end of your check that will “prove” those things.  And year after year, you will find yourself constantly chasing the words, the feelings and the zeroes, hoping that it will all add up one day and stamp VALUE on your life.

But it won’t.

Words, feelings, perfection and zeros never fill that internal ache. To fill the ache, you need to access the account that holds VALUE. You’ve got the account number, but are you accessing it?

At any second you can withdrawal from the account because VALUE is within you. It was written into your character description by the One who designed you. He calls you a Masterpiece—which makes Him a Masterpainter. He painted you with a purpose. Designed you with a destiny. Calls you an Original. VALUE is in you already, but do you know it?

You can withdrawal that approving glance, because your Designer constantly looks at you with love. You can withdrawal the words your heart craves because He speaks and shatters the hard shell you hide under. You can withdrawal VALUE at any time because it’s there—intertwined into your Masterpiece.

VALUE was stamped on your life before you were born. It’s already in you. It’s in the bank. Withdrawal anytime you want. I access VALUE this way: I reach down within myself, tap into the greatness that’s already in me and say, “I am a Masterpiece by the Masterpainter,” and I am smiling in a heartbeat.

Make a withdrawal.


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