Taylor Swift on the Cover of Cosmo

So Taylor Swift is on the December cover of Cosmopolitan magazine with the word “SEXY” stretched across her midsection. The word “Sexy” isn’t referring to Taylor, of course, but just a well-placed, oversized title of an article found within the mag…or should I say strategically placed? I’m thinking this cover has DRAMA creating potential.

DRAMA—because the mag is known for its articles, quizzes, suggestions and tips on how to have Sex and forms of sex. Since the mag is known for great sex content, I’m wondering how the large majority of Taylor’s younger demographic are going to avoid drinking in the sex tips and pics as they flip through the pages looking for Taylor. Remember how props have power? Here’s a prop with one. And this prop will create

Question for you is, are you going to allow the prop on your stage?

DRAMA—because as fans flip to read, what I’m sure is a rather mild article about Taylor, their eyes will be skimming articles such as:

“Late Night Sex, Make It Hot, Make It Happen,”
“Sneaky Sex Quizzes”
“Sexy Style”
And for those who might already be pushing against fitting the status quo model size:
“So You Ate A Cupcake? Fast Moves to Burn It Off!”
(Really, can we not eat ONE cupcake without a strategic plan in place to eradicate the calories?)
I know songs, shows, and media are inundated with SEX, but let’s be real. Sex and forms of sex (either before or outside of marriage) create major DRAMA…regardless of how old you are. After that “Late Night Sex, Make It Hot, Make it Happen” if you are lucky enough to get away without an STD (which is very hard these days so you might want to get tested), or becoming pregnant, or facing the physical and emotional scars that abortion can cause, or a broken heart, then at the very least you can expect that sinking feeling of Regret or nauseous sensation that accompanies the phrase, “Ugh, what was I thinking?!!”

It’s a good move on Cosmo’s end to have a singing icon like Taylor on their cover—she appeals to a different market than Cosmo usually reels in. So I’m sure the mega-mag is hoping to begin the reel on a new customer during that grocery store scene…which is likely showing on your stage the next time you (or your daughter) are waiting in line.

This is a scene in your life Drama, what are you going to do about it? Pick it up and drink it in, or use the power you have as the Playwright of your life and CUT the prop from the scene? To cut the prop, avoid the “reel” of picking it up.

You know, if a prop has power it has power whether YOU think it does or not. The question is, “Are you going to let its power play out on your stage?” Cosmo knows the power of placing Taylor on the mag (of course she did choose to grace their cover.)

So check yourself. If you are trying to avoid the extra DRAMA and keep sex off of your stage, then whether you are Taylor’s biggest fan or just someone who likes a few of her songs and your interest is piqued, avoid the lure of the prop. Props have power and the power is usually subtle—because a “lure” is always strategically designed to be subtle.

Think it through before you drink it in. What you drink into your mind is what rushes to your mind when you are in the middle of a scene and trying to Script It Right. Might want to avoid a Toxic rush and drop the prop.

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