The Villain’s Entrance

The Villain’s entrance is always announced.

I can be watching a movie, a show, or a play and everything on stage is just perfect, but then…that ominous melody in a minor key rings out. And with just a couple of notes, the entire audience knows that the Villain is near. Lurking. Watching. Plotting. Poising to enter. But nothing on the stage has changed—except the music.

I tell my audiences all the time that “Every Drama has a Villain and your life Drama has one too.” You know what I’ve found? If I will pay close attention to that first moment when I feel my mood take a 180, then I can catch the Villain before he enters the scene…because I can hear his music. If I’m all of a sudden feeling depressed—the first notes of his melody have begun. Worry hits out of nowhere? Listen to the minor tune. All of a sudden angry? Wait a second, a plot was instigated.

The moment defines the plot and announces the Villain’s arrival. At the moment I recognize it, the minor melody assigned to the “Villain” is my wake-up call to stop the snowball before it starts to roll.

So listen. Learn when the Villain is lurking and wake up to the fact that his plot is in motion. Because once he’s identified, then it’s your choice what happens next. Remember, it’s YOUR Drama. You can script the whole depression scene into your evening and let the Villain become a lead or say, “No, it’s MY Drama and you can take your depression and exit my stage!” (btw, I always add, “in the name of Jesus.”)

Remember, the Villain’s entrance is always announced. Take control of your stage. Hear the melody. Wake up to the mood shift and do something about the drama.


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