Your Fav Drink

My Drink, My NameI walked into the local Emory Road Starbucks today and by the time I got to the counter, before I could even give my order, the barista said “Hi Christina! What can I get you?” I ordered with a smile and before he could check the iconic boxes on the Starbucks cup another barista scooted my drink across the counter saying, “I already got it.”

Wow.  That someone knew my name and someone knew my fav beverage had made my day. Granted, I frequent this location often, have fallen for their classic tall ice coffee w/milk and caramel, and on weekdays usually make quite the entrance with my four children…but still, it sure is nice when someone notices.

It made me think… I can have that feeling everywhere I go, at any time. That amazing feeling that put a smile on my face today, when the little things were noticed by people who didn’t have to notice, because I know there’s One who notices me all the time. The One who designed me and who painted me as a Masterpiece, the One who calls me by name—He knows my favs and He sees me inside and out. Everywhere I go, if I will just listen to my heart, He is in every scene cheering me on. He is holding my heart when I don’t have strength left. He notices. He picks up the pieces of a broken scene before I even know where to start, scooting my favorite drink across the counter.

You are known today. You are noticed. Every tear. Every breath. Every success. Every defeat…there is One who always knows your name. You are not alone and if you’ll cast Him as a lead in your scene, He’ll scoot your favorite drink across that counter before you even ask.

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